Before the appointment you should:

  • have eaten enough
  • be well rested and fit
  • not have taken long sunbathes (risk of getting sunburn)

Please make sure that:

  • your are not heavily tanned or wear self tan as this can distort the tattooing as well as the result
  • you take good care of your skin. When you get your tattoo on a dry spot of your skin, please moisturize at least one to two weeks before the appointment so your skin is healthy and moisturized.

24 hours before your get tattooed your shouldn’t:

  • do drugs and/or drink alcohol
  • take medication that dilutes your blood, for example ASS, Marcumar or even Energy Drinks

You can’t get tattooed when:

  • you take antibiotics or cortisone
  • you are pregnant / you were pregnant recently / you are breast-feeding
  • you got vaccinated in the last 48 hours
  • you have a sunburn on the body part you are about getting tattooed

Please bring to your appointment:

  • a pair of warm socks and cozy clothes (people tend to get cold when getting tattooed)
  • a snack and something sugary to drink

A few helpful advices:

  • don’t wear your most fancy clothes and anything too tight. Comfort is key!
  • consider the placement you get tattooed when putting on your clothes for the day. For example: when you get a tattoo on your rib cage, you can’t wear a bra afterwards, since the tight band will cause rubbing against the tattoo.