general infos

how to book
I am taking bookings quartlery for a few days. To inquiry please read all infos here carefully and fill in the booking form which will only be available for those booking days.

BOOKING FOR QUARTER 1 2024 (January, February & March) is from
NOVEMBER 27th, 6pm (18:00), CET till DECEMBER 4th, 6pm (18:00), CET.

Unfortunately I don’t accept inquiries on another day which means my books are closed most of the year. If there are spontaneous availabilities I will share them on Instagram.

It is super important to me to work in a safe space where all my clients feel comfortable. Everyone is welcome.

I tattoo every skin tone, as I am sure my designs will look great on all the beautiful shades of skine that we humans have.

I am specialised in handpoking. This means, that I work manually with a tattooing needle to put the ink into your skin.

Most clients say that this technique hurts less then tattooes done by machine. Many even fall asleep. You can expect less skin damage and a faster and easier healing process.

Handpoked tattoos stay as long as machine tattoos.

Flash are tattoo designs that I have already drawn and will be tattooed just once. You can find some on my Instagram but there are hundreds more.

If you book an appointment with me, you will have plenty of time on the day of the appoinment to browse through my catalogue and choose the design you love the most.

Your desired tattoo motif, which I will draw according to your ideas and then tattoo.

I don’t have a preferred body part to tattoo but I don’t recommend doing designs with really fine lines on the inner upper arm, the side of the ribs or the upper back/neck as they tend to heal rather uneven. That’s not to say that I don’t tattoo those areas, I just want you to know that the end result probably won’t come out as perfect as on other parts of the body.

I want you to be super happy with your tatoo and I cannot guarantee that in said places.

Tattoo prices depend on the exact size, the body part and the details of the motif. In your confirmation mail you will receive an approximate price range for your tattoo request. Try to be as precise as possible with your information so that I can estimate the duration of the appointment and thus the price as best as possible.

Basically, I bill by the hour and charge the entire appointment. On average, an appointment takes me 2 to 4 hours.

The deposit is a warranty for me and the studio that the appointment will happen and is part of the whole price. Your appointment is only confirmed after I received your deposit and have sent you a confirmation email. You will get send the details for the deposit via email.
Deposits are nun-refundable. The deposit covers the minimum charges of keeping that day for you. It is not always possible to fill up that day again, which means a whole day of work is lost.

cancellations and rescheduling due to corona
We live in crazy times. If there are any problems for you to attend the appointment (lockdown, restrictions, symptoms,…) please be assured that you will get offered a new appointment.

guest spots
I am currently not planning to do any guest spots.
If I plan to do so I will share it on my Instagram as soon as I know.